Light for Life Australia is endorsed by the Australian Tax Office as Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR).This means that all donations qualify as a deduction on your Income Tax return. Please retain your receipt to claim your deduction on your Income Tax return.

Note: Please be advised that If you want to donate the exact amount through PayPal, the below service fee will be deducted from your payment.

  • (2.6% + $0.3 AUD) Paypal

Note: Please note that due to logistical and administrative reasons, Light for Life Australia (LFL) is unable to provide original receipts of Khums from the Marja. Therefore, if you require original receipt of your Khums issued from Marja’s office then kindly do not send your Khums through LFL. Thanks.

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To ensure that the exact amount of Khums, Fitra and Sadqa will reach the beneficiaries, please see the above service fee note.
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   Why Should I donate?

Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR)
"There are two bounties that most people are tested with, free time and wealth."

Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) Al-Khisal, P35.

"Who believe in the unseen,and establish worship,and spend of that we have bestowed upon them."

Al-Quran 2:3

"Generosity hides shortcomings."

Hazrat Ali (A.S) - NB

"…the righteous gives and does not hold back."

Proverbs (Bible) 21:26