Eid-e-Qurban (Sacrificial Animal) Project

Light for Life Australia does not only cater the financial needs of the families of Sohada as many perceive, but takes cognizance of the overall ideological and spiritual development of children of our Shohada by strengthening their self-esteem and encouraging them to participate in different societal and religious activities.

Therefore like past several years, this year again Shaheed Foundation Pakistan has organised “Bakra Market” in Pakistan and children of our Shohada are invited in the camp to pick the sacrificial animal of their own choice.

Light for Life Australia is working in collaboration with Shaheed Foundation Pakistan in accomplishing this mammoth task by enabling the Australian Shia community to participate in this noble cause.

On the camp day, children will come to the camps along with their elders and choose the sacrificial animal of their own choice. The animal will be reserved for them as a gift and they can take it back home any time before Eid.

You can also participate in making this Eid-e Qurban joyful for the orphans of our Shohada by donating toward this cause.

Note: We work in collabration with Shaheed Foundation Pakistan which currenlty provides support to more than 1800 families in 64 cities across Pakistan.

"Donation of one Bakra(Goat) amount is 15,000PKR or 185 AUD"

How Can I Donate?

BSB : 013-040
ACCOUNT NUMBER : 283973688 
Please mention "Bakra Project" as reference.